Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here's a dialogue-less version of Complex. I had been in the middle of doing scratch tracks on it back in December before deciding it just wasn't worth finishing -- the script was really bad, as I've said before. It had nothing to do with the reels I got or anything like that, this was all on me.

So there's half lip-sync, half no-sync (not that it matters). What would have come next was doing more animation, especially with Kate (the girl), to match the voice acting, along with blinks, music, fx, and then finally the official voice tracks.

There's nothing to really be entertained by here, it's just animation with a story that is only barely comprehensible through visuals by the thinnest strand.

By the way, there's some guy named BSMattW on youtube.. that guy is not me. He put all the BS videos on youtube, which I guess I applaud the effort. But he didn't need to pretend to be me. I don't really get that... it's a little awkward. All official videos will be released under MattWilsonCSS.

Another update later this week maybe.

p.s. man, working on a CRT can be irritating. looking at this blog on an LCD i noticed off-black on Tischele in the header graphic, that was dumb as hell of me.


Andrew Kauervane said...

For some reason the CAKE song magnifies the failure.

Shadow Troll said...

You are awesome. Don't ever put yourself down. Bonus Stage wasn't great because of the video game references. Bonus Stage was great because of the random humour you injected into it.

Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi said...

I liked it for what it was. Definitely your best useage of backgrounds, and the "opening theme song" minute of animation was rather interesting. May not neccasarily've worked in the case of if it were to go any farther than that one episode, but still looks nice.

The characters in this one, especially the main two, were simplistic, but worked pretty well. Very nice choice of color schemes for them, as well as haircuts.

Not bad at all.

Charlie said...

That was kind of surreal without any dialog.

Bob said...

found your blog, matt. awesome poses/faces. can't wait for your current project.


WOW! Complex looks awesome!

it makes me want ot ask questions like:

How many frames per second do you use?


When you are animating how far do you zoom in to draw? 100% - 150%?

I hope you answer them coz i would like to learn from a pro :)

just reply at my blog spot!


Rusty said...

Some little bits of good animation were in there.

Stephen Sloan said...

Good shots, nice staging, as always you push the expressions, which is the downfall of a lot of online animation. too bad about the script!
Glad to see you posting again.

Edd said...

i liked the characters and direction of it, shame you don't want to finish it..

Ross Mapes said...

I guess I am a bit late to comment on this but I found it great.

The tired look of his eyes really enhanced the main character for me and instantly gave an impression of his frame of mind.

From there it is just the small stuff you notice in the animation that makes it great like how his hair actually flips a bit when she appears on his bed or that you decided in a few scenes that it would look more realistic for his jaw to move as he spoke along with all the pointless animation that is simply fun to notice.

I think the part where he looks to be buzzed out while weird stuff happens around him along with him closing the door on her when he runs out of the room were certainly amusing visuals along with the detail on his facial expressions.

Anyway, good job, I hope you at least enjoyed making it even if it didn't pan out.