Thursday, June 19, 2008


I dont know if I ever posted this music or not but this is music that I had done a long time ago, back when I still using that old Zophar NES bank and everything sounded like Mega Man, so we're talking 03-04. Back then I didn't really know how to use FL so the mixing is crap, the levels are all over the place, and I used way too much polyphony, but here they are anyway.

If I still had the old project files I probably could have fixed them up, properly produced them, and they'd have turned out pretty good. Ah but that sentence started with "if" so you know that's not gonna happen. The really, REALLY old music that I did, "mega man fm", I don't think exists on the internet anywhere anymore. And I don't have it either. So that's toast as well.

May as well also mention, the finger still isn't fully healed. The bruise is on the tip of my pointer finger which makes it too irritating to use any kind of drawing/writing instrument. I hope it heals soon because I need work and I need it in the worst way.