Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Here's a 30 second trailer for Kill Cabin that's going to be featured at It has some stuff you haven't seen but obviously I can't give a whole lot new away when the short is 7 and a half minutes long.


As it turns out, SA has the exclusivity to Kill Cabin, but I also get paid for it, which is good for me. For you guys, not so good. You'll have to buy the Doom House DVD to see it. Sorry for the blue balls. I'll let you know when the DVD is released. I'll also provide that deleted audio track here on the blog.

The School Show short may end up being free as well, I haven't yet decided. The full show will definitely cost money but you'll get 5 minute snippets of each episode for free, so quit whining. That's along the range of what you are used to watching for free to begin with.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Alright, it is DONE.

TRT: 7 minutes, 26 seconds.

It shall be available for purchase shortly, it would seem! Look to the stars, or perhaps the websites you would think you should check, and it will be revealed this week, I hope. Or you can get it on the super DOOM HOUSE DVD version 3 hyper fighting, which will also have stuff from Shmorky, Bhlaab, AltF4, and I would assume the stuff crammed into the previous prints. The Doom House DVD is more than one dollar, however. The previous run went for $13 a copy. If you don't like Doom House, you're probably not going to like Kill Cabin, so don't say I didn't warn you.

I don't know why I have to say this, but if you don't have credit or debit, there are pre-paid gift cards all over convenience stores and from the credit card companies themselves, suitable for e-commerce. Once you've started spending money on the internet you'll wonder why you ever didn't. It's like swimming in the shallow end of the pool all your life, then you cautiously tip toe into the other side, until the water passes your head and your goggles fill up, causing you to sneeze for 20 minutes as you realize, "Wow!! I'm drowning in variety!"

I haven't decided on distribution format. AVI/MP4 is probably not going to happen for bandwidth reasons. I will probably just send the SWF, or perhaps a projector EXE. iTunes seems to not have much of an easy access point for premium content, as much as I've researched. If people want to correct me on this, go for it. I will probably use BitPass.

And how's about a commentary track and a deleted audio track as well? There's some things.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Kill Cabin is coming up upon almost being done, perhaps! It looks like it's gonna be around 8 minutes in length. I'm relatively satisfied with the production. Pose wise there is nothing horribly complicated in it, certainly no ACTION sequences, but the animation is about as full as limited animation can be. More so than The Cancelled Show.

You'll have to buy the Doom House DVD to see it, along with shorts by other web animators like Shmorky and Bhlaab. I'm also planning on selling the short independently for $.99 for people who just want my short. If you don't like spending money at all... well... there's that preview for you.

Future previews aren't going to be as long as K.C.'s either. For 7 minute shorts, previews are really only going to net a 1+ minute preview, 11 minute cartoons a 3 minute preview, and 22 minute cartoons a 5 minute preview. That's how it works.


I'm working on a small short starring the School Show characters. The plot is relatively simple and rather detached from the types of plots you would get with a full series. As a transitional piece between one series to another, the script and episode are going to feel a little remniscient of my past work. The actual The School Show is quite stylistically different, but this short is not quite so much, if that makes any sense.

Mostly it's purpose is to introduce some elements of the show but not all of them. You'll get a feel for the characters, and see the height of Emiko's lunacy, but you won't see the school or any SUPPORTING cast. It's just a short.

This will also be $.99. I haven't decided on a price for full episodes yet.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Kill Cabin: An unrelenting nightmaregasm of spooking terrordom. - 337.6 seconds

#0: EmTV - 235.3 seconds (no BGs yet)

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Are you prepared for the terroring? A new horror film from the masterminds behind "Trashophobia" (2002) and "Skin Tag Man 3" (2004), delves deep into the life of a young man's eternal struggle with his own inner demons, one fateful night in the woods...

An animated spinoff of thriller legend Doom House, "Kill Cabin" is the story of Ted Aftershave, a well to do, plucky protagonist off to see his wife who gets lost in a thick forest and has to take shelter in a mysterious log cabin. Little does Ted know of the complex and devious conspiracy that lies within the cabin, threatening to destroy his and our very way of life.

With incredible acting from Greg Bolton ("Time of Death"), and Frogmeister ("Ladder Control"), "Kill Cabin" is the most haunting and disturbing film of the new millenium. See it with your eyes, summer 2006.