Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here's a dialogue-less version of Complex. I had been in the middle of doing scratch tracks on it back in December before deciding it just wasn't worth finishing -- the script was really bad, as I've said before. It had nothing to do with the reels I got or anything like that, this was all on me.

So there's half lip-sync, half no-sync (not that it matters). What would have come next was doing more animation, especially with Kate (the girl), to match the voice acting, along with blinks, music, fx, and then finally the official voice tracks.

There's nothing to really be entertained by here, it's just animation with a story that is only barely comprehensible through visuals by the thinnest strand.

By the way, there's some guy named BSMattW on youtube.. that guy is not me. He put all the BS videos on youtube, which I guess I applaud the effort. But he didn't need to pretend to be me. I don't really get that... it's a little awkward. All official videos will be released under MattWilsonCSS.

Another update later this week maybe.

p.s. man, working on a CRT can be irritating. looking at this blog on an LCD i noticed off-black on Tischele in the header graphic, that was dumb as hell of me.