Thursday, May 04, 2006


Are you prepared for the terroring? A new horror film from the masterminds behind "Trashophobia" (2002) and "Skin Tag Man 3" (2004), delves deep into the life of a young man's eternal struggle with his own inner demons, one fateful night in the woods...

An animated spinoff of thriller legend Doom House, "Kill Cabin" is the story of Ted Aftershave, a well to do, plucky protagonist off to see his wife who gets lost in a thick forest and has to take shelter in a mysterious log cabin. Little does Ted know of the complex and devious conspiracy that lies within the cabin, threatening to destroy his and our very way of life.

With incredible acting from Greg Bolton ("Time of Death"), and Frogmeister ("Ladder Control"), "Kill Cabin" is the most haunting and disturbing film of the new millenium. See it with your eyes, summer 2006.

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